We Owe It All to Our Moms!

By Don Levine, PT, DPT, FAFS

The Marketing and PR Committee would like to acknowledge all the dedicated mothers who work in our profession. We would also like to remind our members that it is mothers who make the overwhelming majority of decisions regarding the health care of their families. For that reason, we urge you to plan to take time to celebrate moms in the coming month—and do not forget to celebrate all the mothers in your practice!

Celebratory Ideas
There are many ways to shine a light on the moms who are patients, parents, children of patients, or our employees. We will provide a few here, but we are sure that many of our members have celebrations of their own. If so, please share!

Say It with Flowers!
This is an easy one, but always appreciated. Present your moms with a flower to take home.

Monday Brunch!
Celebrate with food! This could be either the Friday before or the following Monday.

Discounted Services!
Many practices provide services beyond physical therapy. If you have massage, personal training, pilates, or yoga, offer a Mother’s Day special with a discount for these services given to your special moms.

While a few practices may employ a nutritionist, many do not. However, what a great way to collaborate: Find a local nutritionist who would like the exposure to your client base and see if they would provide a day of free or discounted services at your practice.

Most practices are contacted at least weekly to donate to different causes. We recommend that you develop a yearly “giving” plan, and one of those opportunities could come during the month of May in which you donate to a cause in the name of all the moms in your practice and community.

Spread the love!
Remember, whatever you do to celebrate the moms in your community, make sure that your efforts do not go unnoticed. Your social media plan for the month should highlight the activities in your practice as well as bring to light the celebrations going on in your community.

The Marketing and PR Committee is excited to provide members with tools and tips to improve their efforts in promoting their practices. Look for more information on the PPS website, in the weekly e-newsletter, and in future editions of Impact magazine.


Don Levine, PT, DPT, FAFS, is a member of the PPS Marketing and PR Committee and Co-Owner of OPT Physical Therapy, with multiple locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He can be reached at dlevine@opt-ri.com.

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