Work-Life Balance

By Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT

July’s issue takes a look at mindfulness and that ever elusive search for work–life balance.

This topic always interests me, so I was excited to read the articles as they came in. I don’t know about you, but I think that work–life balance is a state of mind, for which having a solid mindfulness practice and self-care practice can be beneficial.

Conversations with my staff about how they are trying to figure out their work–life balance happen both during our busy times and our slow times, I’ve noticed, so I know that work is not the sole source of a feeling of imbalance. For myself, I find that my mental and emotional state has a bigger impact on my feelings of balance than my work schedule. As a result, I spend my time working on what self-care looks like to me (and it’s not all bubble baths and long vacations) and if and how I am practicing mindfulness.

I will be honest: I could be better with my mindfulness practice. I have periods where I am really good about it and it becomes part of my routine, and amazingly I start to see results and realize that I am in a good place, even if the other circumstances in my life or work haven’t changed. But—and this happens I think with our patients and their compliance as well—as soon as I am feeling good, I start to become a little less diligent and consistent in my practice. So, just like my patients, I could benefit from making my mindfulness practice as much part of my daily routine as my coffee on the drive to work!

This issue has some great articles and tools that can support not only you as a business owner in creating balance for yourself but also your team.

I would love to hear some of your most effective methods of promoting mindfulness and balance for yourself as well as for your staff. We may even include some of your answers in next month’s PPS on the Move section!


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