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Growing from Within - The vital signs of a healthy business culture:

It is no secret that the health care industry is undergoing major change, and formidable new challenges keep appearing from every direction.

By Walt Porter, MPT, DPT, CEAS

Caring Greatly - Innovating physical therapist practice in end of life care:

In the recent past, healthcare initiatives such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim and the American Physical Therapy Association’s Vision Statement have identified “improvement of the healthcare experience” as a benchmark of patient centered care.

By Karen Mueller, PT, PHD, DPT; Richard Briggs, PT, MA; Valerie Carter, PT, DPT NCS; AND Christopher Wilson, PT, DSCPT, DPT, GCS

Care for Joint Replacement Measures - Quality metrics affect payments in CJR, do you know the tools?

The new Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program was rolled out on April 1, 2016, by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) (see previous Impact articles on the CJR).

By Craig Johnson, PT



PPS Annual Conference: Deal of a Lifetime


It is early August and once again time to write to all who read this great magazine. What is on my mind today and what has already had a vast amount of work put into it is Private Practice Section (PPS) Annual Conference. Read More


Managing Revenue Cycle


Revenue Cycle Management—three of my favorite and least favorite words all at the same time. I love them when payments are coming in, agings are appropriate, and days and Accounts Receivable (A/R) are short. I’m not so fond of these words when those metrics trend in the opposite direction and the A/R is creeping up and there are mistakes—causing payment to be delayed—or insurance errors have occurred. Read More


Advocacy in Action

The Value of Feedback - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services seeks to implement merit-based incentive payment system: The Private Practice Section’s (PPS) federal policy efforts focus on advocating for and supporting the passage of bills that impact private practice physical therapy.
By Alpha Lillstrom Cheng, JD, MA

Administrator's Edge

Scheduling the Next Visit - Ensure your patients follow through with treatment with one simple task: Just about two years ago, I realized that the basic metrics being used when benchmarking a performance in a physical therapy outpatient setting were drastically changing.
By Brian J. Gallagher, PT

Book Review

The Practical Coach - Inspiring, encouraging, and challenging your team: As I was looking over old Impact journals, I saw an article analysis stating “millennials like to be coached.” This brought me back to a paperback book I received as a gift a long time ago, but felt appropriate to get out and read it again.
By Media Partners Corporation | Reviewed by Jean Darling, PT, LAT


Hiding in Plain Sight - Therapy Coding Billing and Compliance Risk: It all started out with a call from a health law attorney. He represented a small private practice that was under investigation. The therapy practice was in receipt of a civil investigative demand (CID); the U.S. Attorney’s office was involved as well as investigators representing federal health care programs.
By Nancy J. Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC


Developing Mini-Marketers During Onboarding: Whether for a physical therapist or administrative staff member, the onboarding or orientation process is an important time for any new employee in any practice.
By Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS, OCS


Low Arrival Rate Is Lost Revenue: Most practices spend resources, time, and money on marketing to referral sources. The planned result is the physician, dentist, or office, referring patients to your practice.
By Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS, OCS

PPS On The Move

Administrator spotlight
Connie Ziccarelli, COO and principal

Why They Buy - Actively Seeking Social Proof
Nielsen Ratings indicate that 63 percent of consumers value consumer opinions posted online! What does your practice currently do to ensure that you have an online consumer opinion presence?
By Lynn Steffes, PT, DPT

Five-Minute Fix: Success Is Never Perfect
When I was a high school and college football player, I created elaborate plans for improved strength, speed, power, and ultimately improved sport performance. I worked hard implementing those plans by training almost every day.
By Paul Martin, PT, MPT, CBI, M&AMI


Call to Action! PPS Mastermind Group Program Announced
If you have been to a national meeting, such as the Private Practice Section (PPS) Annual Conference, you have no doubt enjoyed the opportunity to exchange business ideas and stories with fellow members from around the country at the bar, over coffee, or in the exhibit hall between sessions.

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