Gearing Up For The Golden Years Leveraging the Benefits of Cash-Based and Accrual-Based Accounting Entity Selection: Key Concepts for Protecting your Hard-Earned Assets Focusing on Debt
Gearing Up for the Golden Years Leveraging the Benefits of Cash-Based and Accrual-Based Accounting Entity Selection: Key
        Concepts for Protecting your Hard-Earned Assets Focusing on Debt

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Practice Management


The day I opened my private practice, I was experiencing many varying emotions; I was anxious, confused, overwhelmed, happy, and scared as I started my journey.

By Steven L. Line, PT


Michelle Collie

Committee Chair Letter - October 2021

By Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS

With the pandemic came challenges—to our personal lives and businesses, the physical therapy profession, and health care in its entirety.
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Kristen Wilson

Editor's Note - October 2021

By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

About a week ago, my community in Southeastern Pennsylvania along the Brandywine River was rocked by over 14 inches of rain as Hurricane Ida tore through our towns leaving a massive amount of flooding and wind damage in her wake.
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Letter to The Editor

Many thanks to Alpha Lillstrom Cheng for her article in the August issue titled Connect Congress to your Clinic.
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Five-Minute Fix

Spreading the Wealth
In an issue dedicated to financial health, it’s important for business owners to consider their role in supporting the financial wellbeing of their employees.
By Kevin Howard


A Steady Beat of the Drum
In the May issue, I walked you through the Section’s legislative and advocacy priorities for the 117th Congress.
By Alpha Lillstrom Cheng, JD, MA


Medley of Frequently-Asked Compliance Questions
There are two references you should use to assist you in your re-evaluation documentation and rationale for billing the 97164 CPT code. The first is Medicare’s Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15 Section 220.3 C, and the second is the AMA CPT Coding Book.
By Mary R. Daulong, PT


DIY ROI: Revisiting the Tiered Categorization System for Benchmarking
When we explored measuring the return on investment (ROI) of traditional marketing activities in July, we began with the unavoidable truth that measuring ROI is both vital to marketing success and often incredibly challenging to execute correctly.
By Peter Decoteau

Administrator's Edge

Business Financing Options
When it’s time to grow your business, or you have an unexpected financial need, the financial options available to a business owner or administrator can feel overwhelming or confusing.
By Janet Carbary

Lessons Learned

Practice Innovation through Technology
Answering questions with member Todd Ball
As told to Charles Scogna

Resource Review

A review of “Buying Your Way into Entrepreneurship” by Richard S. Ruback and Royce Yudkoff
Starting a private practice is a massive endeavor that requires significant time and money.
By Kevin Howard

PPS On The Move

Slate of Candidates for 2021 Election
The Private Practice Section introduces the 2021 slate of candidates for your consideration.

2021 Impact Awards
Impact is made possible by the dedicated volunteers of the Impact Editorial Board and a long list of authors who share their expertise with readers issue after issue.

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