Who Are You Writing an Effective Job Advertisement Outsourcing vs. Delegation The Cost of Staff Turnover
Who Are You Writing an Effective Job Advertisement Outsourcing vs. Delegation The Cost of Staff Turnover

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Practice Management

Leading Your Way to Staff Success

In these uncertain times created by changes from COVID-19 and changes in reimbursement models, developing and promoting strategies to foster success for each of your staff is vital to the well-being of your clinic.

By Kim Rosendahl, MPT


Michael Horsfield

From The President

By Michael Horsfield

Getting the people part of our businesses right makes everything else we do easier and more rewarding.
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Kristen Wilson

March 2021

By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

March offers the promise of spring weather, which always brings a welcome change.
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Five-Minute Fix

Utility Players: Finding and Hiring These Key Contributors to Your Team
In the ever-changing struggle to brand our own clinic’s culture, we are constantly on the lookout for employees who are eager to buy in to what makes our practices successful.
By Gracie E. Ryker


Legal Myths About Hiring, Firing, and Signing on the Dotted Line
Any practice owner can tell you that hiring their first employee was one of the most exciting – and overwhelming – moments in their journey.
By Connor D. Jackson


Using Tricare’s Pilot LBP Program to Promote a “PT-First” Message
Physical therapists are great at taking care of people, bringing value to their patients’ lives by helping them heal and move without pain.
By Peter Decouteau

Payment Policy

Passion Drives Advocacy
Heightened emotions have been driving our country for the past year, at least, as we navigate emotionally and politically charged challenges tied to the pandemic.
By Robert Hall, JD, MPAFF

Administrator's Edge

Building (and Keeping) a Great Team
Having the right team is everything.
By Lori Dillon, MPA

Lessons Learned

Transitioning from a Solo Practice to a Team
Dr. Josh Funk established Rehab 2 Perform in Maryland in 2014. Within two years, the company already had 14 employees and has now grown to four locations.
By Craig Phifer, PT

Resource Review

A review of “7 Steps to Creating a Mentoring Program” by HR360Inc
Many businesses of all sizes employ mentoring programs to help develop future leaders in the company.
Review by Kevin Howard

Industry Events

A list of Industry Events for 2021

PPS On The Move

In Your Mailbox: 2021 Buyer’s Guide Print Edition
While you can access the PPS Buyer’s Guide online at ppsbuyersguide.com any time, this February, Impact readers received a special print copy of the 2021 Buyer’s Guide featuring the full line up of vendors in 15 categories ranging from billing and revenue management to continuing education, marketing, outcomes, franchise, PT products, and more.

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