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Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take 5 Minutes or Less

Like many of you, I find it hard to consistently sustain new habits, whether they are habits for personal growth or for professional growth. I know that if a new behavior is desired, then the adoption of new habits is required. However, the thought of the time needed to create new habits is daunting and exhausting to even think about.

What’s in Your Payer Contract?

As providers, we commonly look at the page of the contract that states the payment terms. We use that number as a comparison to our cost to deliver the care required by the agreement and then make a decision to accept, reject, or negotiate a new price. However, we commonly do not examine the true cost and exposure that comes with signing an agreement. Those costs could be hidden in the legal language that obligates both parties to perform in a specified manner. Our contracts are developed by attorneys who spend a great deal of time making sure that the interests of the payer are well covered. On our end, we tend to ignore the language and not pass the agreement by our legal counsel as we may think that the terms are nonnegotiable.



Strategic Marketing and Public Relations for Today


Health care continues to evolve, and despite many people’s concerns I believe the future of private practice physical therapy has the potential to be excellent.
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The Customer


This issue of Impact focuses on the customer.
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Advocacy in Action

Regulatory Changes for 2017
As you know, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for developing, proposing, and finalizing regulations in order to implement health care–related legislation that has been passed by Congress and signed into law.
By Alpha Lillstrom Cheng, JD, MA

Administrator's Edge

Crafting the Ultimate Customer Experience
In the health care field, it feels like a paradigm shift to view patients as customers, but that is exactly what we need to do if our goal is to build a successful private practice.
By Kim Stamp

Book Review

Tell Me a Story
In her Inc.com column, Betsy Mike explains why it is we health care providers love our facts.
By Ingrid Sparrow, PT, CMPT

Legal Impact

Customer Service and Compliance
When considering the relationship between private practice physical therapists and their patients and customers, legal compliance is likely not the first consideration that comes to mind.
By Paul Welk, PT, JD


Facebook Posting Proficiency
To maximize the value of your next post, run your content through these 6 questions.
By Larry Briand, PT, MS, ATC, and Mark Nelson*

PPS On The Move

Member Spotlight - Louis Zollo, PT, MSPT, CMP, OCS
Louis Zollo, PT, MSPT, CMP, OCS, is a member of the APTA Private Practice Section and is the co-owner of Manchester Sports & Physical Therapy in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Why They Buy - Growth with Hospital Contracts
The new reality in most markets is that large private equity–backed companies have acquired your competition, and are growing.
By Paul J. Martin, PT, MPT, CSCS, CBI, M&AMI

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