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Increasing Market Share

We have established previously that physical therapists have a total market penetration of around 5 percent. To review, using low back pain as an example, we know that about 50 percent of people with low back pain go to see their primary care providers. Of those 50 percent, between 7 percent and 11 percent, depending on location, end up accessing a physical therapist.

By Sturdy McKee PT, MPT, CEO



Our Future

By Terry C. Brown, PT, DPT

For those of you who don’t know or maybe have wondered, “How old is that guy?” I am 60 years old.
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Money Matters


Money matters. Depending on how you read it, your perspective on your current situation, it could mean money does matter, or it could mean matters regarding money.
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Administrator's Edge

Top 10 Tips in Money Matters In this Money Matters issue, I would like to take a broader view and simply share with you how you can make the most of your money and make more of it.
By Brian Gallagher

Advocacy in Action

Regulatory Changes for 2017 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for developing, proposing, and finalizing regulations in order to implement health legislation that has been passed by Congress and signed into law.
By Alpha Lillstrom Cheng, JD, MA

Software Review

Time = Money How do you answer these questions: Which do you manage better, your money or your time? And which is your bigger barrier to implementing programs, your money or your time?
By Ingrid Sparrow, PT, CMPT


How Can My Practice Become Compliant? What does it mean to be compliant?
By Nancy J. Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC


Developing Your Practice’s Marketing Budget Every physical therapy practice is different.
By Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS, OCS

PPS On The Move

Member Spotlight - Chuck Garfinkle, PT, MSPT, OCS, ART, CMT
Chuck Garfinkle, PT, MSPT, OCS, ART, CMT, joined Optimum Physical Therapy Associates in early 2008. He became partner in 2010 and formed the office in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he currently works.

Why They Buy - Because You’ve Made a Connection
We can all agree that effective communication is key when selling someone a product, a service, and yes, a more healthful outcome.
By Ben Montgomery

Five-Minute Fix - Use Your Physical Therapy Blog!
Few things are sadder in the physical therapy marketing world than a clinic blog that is underused or completely ignored.
By Ben Montgomery

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