10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Business Partner When Are You Ready to Sell? Exit Options: A Different Perspective Understanding Practice Value
10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Business Partner When Are You Ready to Sell? Exit Options: A Different Perspective Understanding Practice Value

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Practice Management

The State of Cash Flow

Contiguous with initiating succession planning, owners must be cognizant of their business weaknesses.

From the National Federation of Independent Business

Practice Management

Back to Business as Usual? Managing the Disruption of 2020

The effects of a worldwide pandemic on business and—particularly—the health care industry have been enormous.

By Dr. Adam Roggia, PT, MS


Michael Horsfield

From The President

By Mike Horsfield, PT, MBA

It is with gratitude, excitement, and a servant heart that I pen my first letter to you as PPS President.
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Kristen Wilson

November 2020

By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

There is something about the clean slate of a new year that I’ve always found refreshing, however, this year, the turning of the calendar feels even more cathartic.
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Five-Minute Fix

Does Your Office Have a Succession Binder?
Most of us have probably dealt with the sudden confusion that ensues when a key member of our team quits unexpectedly, and a few of us may have even weathered the storm resulting from the death of an employee or colleague.
By Kim Stamp


The Importance of a Security Risk Assessment in HIPAA Compliance
As a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), physical therapy private practices often find the compliance requirements of HIPAA to be overwhelming.
By Paul J. Welk, PT, JD


3 Key Assets for Sustainable Marketing
Marketing can often feel like the practice of “flying by the seat of your pants,” especially if it’s not your primary (or secondary) role.
By Peter Decouteau

Payment Policy

The Ongoing Impact of COVID-19 on Patients, Physical Therapists, and the US Health System
I, and almost everyone I know, have been feeling COVID-19 fatigue for months. Nevertheless, it is important to focus on the health of patients, the role of physical therapists, and the US health system despite the challenges of the pandemic.
By Robert Hall, JD, MPAFF

Administrator's Edge

Leadership Legacy: Will You Have One to Be Proud Of?
Have you ever thought about the last day of your working career?
By Connie Ziccarelli

Lessons Learned

How Launching a Practice in Remote Alaska Prepared One PT Clinic for COVID-19
If you were deciding where to open a physical therapy practice, would a rural Alaska town of 6,000 people — which already had three outpatient physical therapy clinics, including one that operates within the local hospital — be your first choice?
By Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT

Resource Review

A review of “How to Make Rational Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty” by Cheryl Strauss Einhorn
Decision making on any level, from complex work-related tasks to simple daily life choices, can be an uphill battle for some.
By Kevin Howard

PPS On The Move

The Changing Face of Private Practice
It’s something physical therapists in our Section have known for a while: the face of private practice has changed significantly in recent years.
By Sarah Black, MS

PPS Awards Committee Announces NEW Section Award
Like all associations, PPS is only as strong as its members and volunteers who dedicate their time to advance the association and profession.

In Memoriam of Jeff Ostrowski, 1962-2020
As a lover of language, I’ve always been a proponent of the adage “words matter,” which is why it seems most fitting to announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Jeff Ostrowski, in a publication titled Impact.
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

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